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METCO Alumni Association


The organization of the alumni assocation is comprised of an Executive Board and Committees. The Executive Board is comprised of four (4) elected officers and five (5) elected chairs. The elected officers will be responsible for the overall coordination and facilitation of the Association. The title for each elected officer is President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Clerk, and they hold term for two (2) years. The Elected Chairs are responsible for each of the four (4) Committees: Planning Committee, Membership Committee, Communications/Network Committee, and Fundraising/Scholarship Committee. Committee descriptions are below.

Appointments of each committee chair will be by mutual consent of the committee members, president and vice-president. The vice-president will have the primary responsibility for committee operations. Elections and appointments are ratified at the Annual Meeting held the fourth Thursday of every January.

The Executive Board acts as an advocate for the goals and aims of the Association to all relevant public, legislative and administrative bodies. The Executive Board oversees directions, trends, and any such changes that would affect the purposes and functions of the Association.

The Executive Board shall protect the rights of privacy to all information for the Association members. Personal information of Alumni and Association members shall be held in strict confidence of the Association and used solely by the Executive Board for matters consistent with the mission of the Association website and on all the appropriate membership material as approved by the Executive Board. Membership information including identity, address, telephone contact information, and electronic address, shall not be distributed for commercial purposes nor given to commercial interests nor used to distribute information not related to the goals of the Association nor shared with any party without a unanimous vote by the Executive Board.

Coordination Committee:

The Coordination Committee is responsible for the research and recommendations of a strategic plan for the future of the METCO Alumni Association. Committee members must review and explore new ideas brought before the Association members. The Committee needs to keep an open mind, and identify adjustments to change as new situations are presented to the association members. The Committee will research and investigate educational and training opportunities for the association members, as necessary. They will keep focus on the best benefits to the community; they will anticipate problems, and develop strategies for aiding the association members to think and react efficiently and effectively.

The Committee will solicit comments and ideas from the association members so that the Committee can devise feasible and profitable strategies to achieve the mission. The Committee will evaluate options and opinions. They will work diligently to make improvements that support the mission of the Association and the Executive Committee.

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining and managing the METCO Alumni Data system. The Committee will adhere to the policies and principals of maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the Association database information. The Committee will recruit all past METCO students with the intent to connect and cross-reference the skill base and maximize power building opportunities for the Association. The Committee will be responsible for keeping in touch with the Association membership.

Communications / Network Committee:

The Communications/Network Committee will be responsible for sharing information to the public. The Committee will publish and circulate a regular Newsletter; visit METCO Towns; write success stories of past students; and submit relevant articles to town and community newspapers, such as, the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, Jet, Ebony, etc.

The Committee will facilitate the participation of the sizeable untapped economic, social, and political force in the State of Massachusetts among the ranks of Alumni Association. The Committee will work with METCO, Inc., the METCO Directors Association, and local business leaders and public officials throughout the METCO communities to strengthen community collaborations, and provide crucial advocacy power influencing educational policies. The Committee will take the time to look at economic, social, and political trends and relationships in the community and determine feasible strategy initiatives benefiting the community. Boston provides a host of resources for research and collaborations.

Fundraising / Scholarship Committee: The Fundraising / Scholarship Committee's purpose is to execute well-orchestrated opportunities for the Association members to raise money for future activities and scholarships. The Committee will explore opportunities with the other Committees to bring together every member of the METCO family and friends to honor the accomplishments of the METCO program.


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