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Thanks to those below and many others who share their experiences and words of wisdom with us. The Communications Committee hopes that by sharing past experiences, we all learn valuable lessons for today,
which may improve our efforts moving into the future.

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The MAA Experience

"METCO has provided educational opportunity and a strong base to build my academic portfolio. In addition, I believe that my METCO experience has helped to make me to be a more balanced person that is able to communicate effectively in all arenas----I have a built in confidence and pride that was fostered at home first and then through my educational/atheletic experience in Newton schools."
Keith Marion
"METCO was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. Changed my entire life. Im grateful I had the chance to get a quality education. I wouldnt trade it for the world. METCO prepared me for college. I couldnt have asked for a better gift! Im Proud To have been in the METCO program."
Jordana Monteiro
"Participating in METCO has had an overwelming influence on my life. The education gained, the life lessons learned, and especially the friendships made, all of which I will treasure for a lifetime! I am eternally grateful for my Wayland METCO experience, and my host family (John, Mary, Susan and David Antes) for welcoming me into their lives and helping to make my METCO experience the best it could possibly be! I am attending my 30th year WHS Reunion this weekend (3/12/11) - should be an exciting time!!"
Pamela Corbin-Riddick
"Being a METCO student has kept me grounded and open minded
when it comes to people from other walks of life.
Lynda J. Cunningham
"Gave me the ability to adapt to different lifestyles and cultures
while getting a better education.
Richard Brazil

"METCO enhanced the teaching of my parents. It helped develop me into a person who is accepting of others, regardless of race. I was exposed to diverse cultures and things that I wouldn't have experienced in the City schools. The feeling of acceptance from the host families and teachers at Stanley School in Swampscott has a lasting impression on me. My parents and METCO increased my appreciation and value of education for several reasons: I remember other kids throwing rocks at our school bus as we headed through the streets of Boston towards the expressway and bridge to get to Swampscott; I was fortunate that my parents fought for my 3 sisters and me to be enrolled in METCO and that we were accepted; we had to get up in the dark, wee hours of the morning, walk down Ruthven Street and a few other streets to catch the bus with others for our daily journey. METCO was a well-fought battle, of which I am a grateful survivor."
Melissa Cash

"METCO provided me an opportunity to interact with people, forge lifetime relationships, and experience some things in life that I wouldn't have otherwise done on my own. I received a GREAT education and had some GREAT mentors as METCO Director/Specialists and unfortunately some bad one's (METCO Specialists) as well that I was able to learn from. All-in-all I wouldn't have traded my METCO experience for nothing in the world!!"
Demetria Johnson
"METCO allowed me the chance to learn and develop in many different environments. It build a toughness and strength in me that is a foundation of my professional career. The early mornings late nights and long bus rides were worth the advantages Wellesley Metco provided me. I was exposed at a young age to the success I now strive to achive in my professional life. Thank you to all of those who made it possible for us to have this great start to the lives we have."
Aaron Kelton
"Being in the particular school district I was in (swampscott) with children coming from such educationally affluent households, the environment pushed me toward striving for more challenges academically to keep up with the local students, and in the end the determination paid off by way of a great education."
Shasha Barboza-Wade
"METCO has helped to make me a more diversed person in terms of awareness of cultures, lifestyles and economics. My experience riding on the bus to and from school was more rocky than my experiences in Westwood. I was better received in Westwood by my teachers and white peers than on the bus by my black peers. It was tough but I made it through. However, now that we've grown up, I look forward to revisiting my METCO experience with my peers. I would like to come to the next reunion."
LaTanya Chatman (Guy)

"METCO has influenced my life to the point of receiving an excellent education, interacting with other students from other counties of Boston, MA. I also was able to learn how to structure my school studies as well as my work studies. I had wonderful mentors that guided every step of years with the Lexington school system and the METCO program."
Edith M. Anderson

"While I was in METCO I learned about myself and to some degree came of age while I was in the Wellesley school system. I became socially conscious, quicker than some of my peers, which prepared me for Hamilton College, yet another predominately caucasian environment. The opportunities I was given while in METCO not only prepared me for college but they also have me a head start in my interests of community building and activism. My experiences at Hamilton College have been similar to those in METCO in which you learn to put your academics first. I have learned that my academics and education manifest themselves as my agency. They will assist in my development of the social change I want to see in my respective communities. Overall, I would say my experiences in METCO were positive and I would not be the same person I am today without those experiences in middle and high school."
"I have worked for the same company (JH) since I graduated in 1985. Moving up within, I have received numerous certificates in the Insurance industry. Currently I am working diligently with my children's town they attend Wellesley. I was just nominated to be the President of the parent committee and worked on the Fund raising & Legislative committees as well."
"METCO had a profound impact on my life. I truly believe that without METCO, I would not be where I am professionally."
Monique Austin
"My experience with METCO was extremely positive. I had started out as a Montessori student and due to family issues had to leave and go to Boston schools. This wasn't very productive. Luckily an opportunity came for me to become part of the METCO program and attend Wayland Schools. I started during a time when there was major controversy with busing students and still remember the bus monitors telling us to get down when our bus, on the way to school, was attacked by rocks back in 1974. I was exposed to various cultures both socio & economic. I definitely believe it prepared a young black man with an education and exposure to opportunities I definitely would not have received in Boston Schools. I also believe that the town of Wayland learned a lot about dealing with urbanites and the true meaning of creating a melting pot. At my 25th reunion one of my ex-classmates told me his family was now a "host-family" for a student the same as when his parents were my 'host family'. His continuance with something like that says it all for me."
William L Mosley
"By allowing me to meet a diverse group of people Growing up in the 70's watching my older brothers go through the hardship of attending South Boston High during the chaotic times of discrimination gave me a lot of preconceived notions about being in the Melrose Community. Those apprehentions were quickly overcome when I met my host family, the O'Briens, they treated me just like family and they are my family to this day."
Thomas Cater
"METCO has taught me; to apreciate the freedom of making choices, the importance of wanting an education & the love of developing lasting relationships."
Webster A. Rogers Sr.

"Seeing that living in the projects is not the only way of life. Jean McGuire opened my eyes... Summer camp with her and her family, after school dances at the METCO office, arranging host family stays with students from my school, all taught me there was more to like than the neighborhood you lived in. Thanks Jean! You Mothered a lot of US!"
Joe Stansil

"I believe Metco allowed my life to be totally diversified. This diversity has always allowed me to comfortably adapt any setting or situation."
Joyce Sumpter
"Experiencing things and people outside of my neighborhood, meeting friends and participating in activities that I am not sure I would have done in my own environment."
Ramon Downes

"I've been doing quite in the last 10 years. I sit on he Board for the Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston, which plans the 2nd largest event in the city of Boston. In the past 10 plus years I've given of my time and expertise volunteering for various non-profit organizations, like Rosie's Place and Sisters in the Hood, a womens ministry group. I went on to get my Masters Degree in Human Services Administration w/ a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Management from Springfiled College. I have worked with several great employers, a few being The Boston Public Health Commission, Congressman Stephen F. Lunch's office and currently at Tufts University School Medicine in Boston."
"It made me who I am. It is the best program there could ever be!! Being from the orginal group, I tell my students how important education is today as well as appeciating people for who they are. Shout out to anyone who remembers those loooooong rides from mattapan to roxbury all the way to Lincoln - Sudbury --we made it and I am a better person because of it."
CLASS OF 1980 where are you!!!!

"METCO gave me the courage to believe in myself and my dreams despite the disbelief of others. The years I spent with my METCO family will always remind me of how strong I am as an individual, but how strong we are as a people."
Shawnda Rose

"Metco kids form a unique bond sharing the same school experience. Meeting other kids outside my race that I have formed life long friendships with gave me the tools that was essential for every day life (i.e., typing, cooking, sewing and even auto tech). It kept my head grounded, focused and off the streets."
Shehida Shakora Hall

"Being a METCO student in Brookline (a town close to Boston), was quite impactful because they were so close, yet so different. I was introduced to many cultures all at once, which was very exciting to me...made me very aware of the world, so it's no wonder I grew up very open-minded and of the opinion that anything is possible. I have made a side career as a student; always striving to learn and do more. Also, I am able to work and excel in culturally diverse environments with ease."
Jacqueline Y. McNeil

"The METCO experience changed my life in many ways. I still have the friendships I made when I was attending Locker, WMS and the High School. As for my education, it was awesome, and I want my children to experience what I have and take it to the next level by attending college."
Tinea Rochelle-Spinkston

"Metco has influenced my life in that it has exposed me to other communities and people. Allowed me to think outside the box when it comes to my professional and personal life. It has instilled in me that there is so much more in the world,
I just have to seek it."
Kenya P. Beaman

"I recieved the best education available to Boston inner city youth by attending Jr. and Sr. High School in the community of Marblehead, MA. My experiences at Marblehead prepared me both mentally and socially to succeed in all my endeavors. Thank you Metco for the tremendous opportunity that was given to me at an early
stage of my life."
Michael Murphy

"The Metco experience shaped me into the individual that I am today living my dream as a Motion Picture cameraman. I've attended some of the best schools in the country and was prepared because of a decision by my parents at 2 years old to sign me up for METCO. Some of my closest friends come from my experiences on and off that bus to Newton Mass. My sisters and I all went to Newton Mass and am thankful everyday for our experiences in the Metco program. My parents within the 25 years of Metco meetings, never regreted a day of sending us out of Mattapan to take advantage of the academic possibilities of the Newton public school system.
Thank God for the opportunity!"
Tommy M. Upshaw Class of 1995- Newton Public Schools K-12 /NSHS

"I would like to thank Jean McGuire and other behind the scene advocates for my participation as a METCO student. After graduating from Natick High School in 1976, I enjoyed a tremendous educational journey which includes Boston University, Lincoln University and Fielding Graduate University. As a result, I also have enjoyed a great career working with children, youth and family programs. I now reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and have shared my METCO experience with school superintendents, university professors and legislators as a great example of exposure to diversity and education for young children. I believe that my early exposure to a suburban school system that provided quality teachers, pleasant classroom, nutritious foods, challenging curriculums, extra-curricular activities, proms and host families changed my life for the better. As a METCO Alum, I have high expectations for the parents, youth and administrators I work with. The goals and objectives of the METCO program is wonderful however, as a change agent, I do look forward to the day when everyone can experience a quality education no matter what income, class or racial background. Bravo METCO, Bravo... "

Patricia A. Bradley, MHS
Pending doctorate degree July 2009
formerly Patricia A. Jefferson
Mattapan, MA
Natick High School Class of 1976

"Being a part of the METCO program prepared me for today's world. It forced me out of my comfort zone. I was taught to interact with different races without feeling inferior or different. I was secure and proud of whom I was. Time management was another gem filled lesson learned, from the 5AM wake ups to the extra curricular activities keeping me out until 10pm sometimes. I was, however, challenged by starting METCO in high school versus earlier on in my academic career. I was behind in my studies, due to attending Boston Public Schools; not to mention that the other students already had bonded friendships having been together since K2. It was amazing to me how far off the school systems were. I was almost two years behind in class work. What I completed in the eighth grade, Foxboro students had completed in the sixth grade. Although this was a challenge, it was also another lesson learned. I had to work hard for what I wanted; nothing worth having is easy. I am thankful for my METCO experience and I am proud to say that this program has been a great contribution to my becoming a strong, determined, and educated BLACK WOMAN. Thank you"
Nikia Sadler

"METCO has influenced my life by teaching me the power of diversity, which has been used to build life long relationships with people from all walk's of life, and has directly contributed to my success in business."
Markell 1994

"My experience in the METCO program has enriched who I am as an individual. It allowed me access to get a far greater education than I might have had if I'd stayed in the Boston Public School system. My experience has enabled me with the great resources."
Temric 1992

"Keeping me "educated" and knowing how "Privileged" I was to attend such a wonderful program. Taught me hard work and determination."
Thelma 1989

"METCO has not only given me the opportunity to gain a great education, but has also helped me to be more versatile, open-minded and understanding of other
races and cultures."
Dianne 1982

"I am looking for students who attended elementary, middle school and high school in Belmont, MA from 1972 to 1984.  Specifically, I am trying to get in touch with Deshawn, Trae, Dennis, Tyrone, Veronica, Bryan, and Lisa, all of whom would have graduated Belmont High School in 1984.  I attended school with them from 1st grade to 10th grade, but lost touch with everyone when I moved to the Washington DC are in 1983.  I would love to plan or attend a reunion that includes these individuals. 
Any assist you can provide would be greatly appreciated." 

"Positively, I can say that the level of educational focus was their amongst the teachers and the students. Personally I didn't find very many things that would have influenced me negatively, since being a member of the Metco program from 3rd grade."
Cherrie 1990

"METCO has been a major influence in my life, and has helped me become the person I am today. I wrote my college admissions essay on my METCO experience
and I believe that played a major part in getting accepted."
Nikayla 2008

"I will always remember my tenure with the METCO program. I attended grades 3, 4 and 5. We left to move to Florida and my education has not been the same since. I was lucky to have received my foundation at Metco as I still remember what I accomplished."
Asha 1989

"Growing up in such a diverse environment completely affected me and I was not aware until I entered college and became active in multiple minority organizations. It brought a great appreciation for my culture and others."
Kirby 2000

"I received a better education and was exposed to a diverse
range of people and possibilities."
Rozalyn 1974

"METCO has influenced my life in several ways. It prepared me for the corporate world by allowing me to grow-up with other people of other races.
Metco has also placed me in a better school system and learning environment."
Leroy 1988

"I think being a part of METCO has prepared me for some many things in life. Giving me that education showed me that there are other things that go on outside of my neighborhood. It has broaden my horizons."
Roni Needham 1999

"METCO gave me a strong foundation and introduced me to mentors that helped to shape my life. It encouraged me to participate in leadership during and after high school and prepared me to attend one of the top undergraduate institutions in the world."
Natalie 1999

"Socially, we were taught at a very young age about diversity and different cultures.
Educationally, METCO instills in the children that the sky's the limit,
and knowledge truly is power.
It got to the point that you loved waking up at 5am for school."

"My group was the first Students in 1967 who were bused to town of Framingham. It was a experiment. I was frightened at first, but it was important for me to learn about diversity especially during that era which was during the civil rights movement."
Lorraine 1967

Calvin M. Smith - Framingham South High School '78

"My name is Calvin Smith and I am a METCO Alumni.  I graduated from Framingham South High School in 1978 and have been somewhat out of the loop since.  I have recently made contact with several of my fellow classmates due to our 30th year high school reunion coming up.  Now, reunions are nice and they re-establish contacts and friendships lost but in the uniqueness of being a METCO student it brings forth some other interesting situations.  As a METCO student we establish not only friendships with people in the communities where we attend school but we also form strong bonds to the people that we ride the bus with, i.e., other "METCO Kids."   We also must or attempt to maintain who we are in our home communities.  Quite the task for young people to take on.  Anyway, sorry, I have a tendency to go off on tangents.  Back to my point.  The advantage of being a METCO student is at the same time a blessing and a curse because of the abovementioned situations."

My query to you is, is it possible, through the METCO Alumni Association, to contact other METCO alumni that graduated from Framingham Highs' North and South from 1977 through 1979?  Reason being, we would like to coordinate our own reunion for the METCO students that graduated in those years.  Any assistance would greatly be appreciated and I'm sure that if our mutual efforts are fruitful there should probably be some "give back" from alumni found don't you think?
Contact Info: batman1one@comcast.ne

" I was one of the original ten children to start the METCO program in Lincoln as a kindergartener and then to go on to Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School; although there were METCO Students in Sudbury when my class got there, we were the first to complete the total METCO experience from start to finish in the Lincoln and Sudbury towns. As a young student, I didn't realize how important it was for me to interact with a large diversity of inner-city children as well as the diversity of students that lived in the suburbs. This whole experience, every aspect of it, has taught me and most likely everyone that has had the pleasure of METCO, immeasurable life lessons! This program is one of the best things that happened in Boston and for Boston. A big THANK YOU to all of those involved in the civil rights of others, all the original suburban communities, Brookline, Wakefield, Lexington, Arlington, Lincoln & Sudbury and their civil rights groups --
I hope I didn't miss any of the original towns. Thank you!"
Russell Rose - Lincoln Sudbury '79

"I grew up in Mattapan and Dorchester and attended school in Sharon, MA from the third grade through high school (class of 1990). I was a shy child and nervous about going to a strange school, but one of the first people who befriended me was another METCO student that I am still best friends with today. I am so grateful to the program for giving me the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures. I met people from various economic and social backgrouds. I realized over the years that children with wealthy parents have the same issues and growing pains as children whose parents are not so wealthy. I also realized that high school can be a difficult time for most teenagers, myself included; however my burdens were lessened by the love and respect I shared with so many of my classmates. I hope the program remains in existence for many years to come so that other children can have a more broad perspective of the world they live in and recognize the
power of a good education in and out of the classroom."
Lisa Walker - Sharon '90

"I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of the METCO experience. I graduated from Wellesley in 1986. I know that it was a life altering process. It helped me to be able to adapt in any situation. I think that the time I spent at my host family had an underlying effect on the career path I chose. I always was in awe at the homes I visited. I am now a Realtor in Atlanta. In 2003, I filmed an episode of House Hunter on HGTV; my second episode will air in September 21, 22, and 24. Thanks to Jean McGuire and Nazaleem Smith --
you helped make it happen."
Sheri Pettus - Wellesley '86

"My experiences with METCO at Newton North High School were tremendous! I met so many different people from different cultures and loved all of it! I can't say enough about my opportunities there. My graduation year was 1982, my major was music and I participated in many programs such as acting in the Little Theatre, Rocco and the Celestials which was a 50's musical review, Newton North Choir, the Family Singers and two sports (wrestling and indoor track, shotput). I had the opportunity to travel to Spain with the Family Singers during April vacation for a month in my senior year and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I participated in the Black Student Union as the Sargeant at Arms. I also had the pleasure of watching Patrick Ewing play us when he was with Cambridge Rindge and Latin! There are also people who have become famous from my graduation year such as Donnie Yen, martial arts expert and movie star! There has always been a long waiting list to get into METCO because it's such a great program, so just hang in there if you have children that you want to participate. I did not get in until the fifth grade when I attended Memorial Elementary and from there I attended Warren Junior High. From there, of course, to Newton North. For those who are in now and those who are following, enjoy your experience and take advantage of whatever interests you!"
Eddie Shaddock - Newton North '82

MAA Reunions

Brookline High School Reunion
Saturday, October 22, 2011
7PM - 11PM
Click HERE for Additional Information for this Class Reunion

The Cohasset High School Class of 1972 Reunion committee is searching for METCO students who attended CHS between 1968-1972. We are interested in having you join us for our upcoming
40th Reunion (2012) whether or not you graduated from CHS.
The reunion is a few years away however we are gathering
many old friends together, and it would be fun to reunite with old classmates. 
We are looking for the following students:
Denise Wright, Sharon Harris, Triana Tymony, Eric Davis
Please contact me if you have any information:
Linda (Siegrist) Phippard
CHS 72 Reunion Co-Chair

I am organizing a Nguzo Saba Celebration for Cheryl Prescott Walden the former Director of the Lexington Metco Program. I am searching for all alumni, friends or associates from her 24 years of service with the Lexington Metco Program. Please have them contact me at keeyah@comast.net or by phone to 617-909-1665.

The Concord Carlisle High School Class of 1984 is trying to
reach alumni for our upcoming 25th reunion.
Please send any available contact information to Anna
Vouros at avouros@partners.org
Looking for a special alumni?
Need to target a specific community or year?
Send us your requests and we'll do our best to help you out.

Requests should be made here.
Include community, year (if appropriate)
and any necessary information.


Stuart MacCrellish, Wellesley High School  class of 1979 is seeking the where-a-bouts of Andy Palmer. Stuart's contact information: tullyvt@hotmail.com.

The Marblehead class of 1982 is looking for Valerie Wiggins, Robin Thomas, Lenora Pearson and Yvette Jones for our upcoming 25th reunion. Please contact Heidi Grant Farsi with any contact information, heidigrant2002@yahoo.com.
  Kenya Allen, where in the world have you been? I haven't been able to get in touch with you for like two years. You can reach me at ek68_noexcuses@yahoo.com - Evan Knight
Tiffany Jordan, where are you? Danielle De Jesus is looking for you. You can contact her at daniele405@aol.com
The committee for Swampscott High School's Class of 1991 is looking for the following alumni for a 15th REUNION - Fabian Murray, Autumn Baskin, and Jermain Corbin. Contact Wendy Feinder at wfeiner@bjs.com with your email address and mailing address so you will receive an invitation .
Marais Canali is looking for the following classmates: Mieshie Little, Maxamillion (Maxine) Shell Crawford and Karla Lashelle Moses who transferred to Boston Latin in the 8th grade. You can email Marais with any information at marais_canali@harvard.edu.
  Ailease Walker-Bullard (a.k.a. Leelee) is looking for you...Katrina Dunn, Jeffrey Bynum, Gloria Kincaid, Michael Heard, Michael Epps and Liza Paige! If you know the whereabouts of these people, or you're one of the missing, contact Leelee at bullard3707@yahoo.com.
Late 1960's
Have you seen or do you know Michelle Evans and Jacqueline Tinch? Roberta Watkins is searching for them. Michelle lived on Pickering Ave., and Jackie lived in the Cathedral projects. They both attended Brookline High School from 1966 to1969. If you have any knowledge of them, please have them contact Roberta at (770) 323-0045 or rdwatkins2@att.net.
Lisa Hubbard Quinn and the organizing committee for the Class of 1986 of Natick High is searching for Walter Johnson, Labaron Jones, Franklin Neale (1985) and the rest of the METCO students from their class for a 20th reunion. You can contact Lisa at quinnt@comcast.net.
Scott Finch and commitee are in the process of organizing the 25th Reunion for Marblehead High's Class of 1981, and they are looking for the following METCO Students: Lita Bumpurs, David McCullom, Glenda Sims, and Kenneth Jenkins. Scott can be reached by email or phone at samfinch@comcast.net or 781-704-4078.
All Years
Cheryl Prescott-Walden, the Lexington Director, is looking for all Lexington Alumni. She is in the planning stages of Lexington METCO's 40th Anniversary and would like you to participate. She can be reached at 781-861-2320 ext 1450 or prescott@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us.